The Customer claims to be of age, to be in full mental and cognitive faculties, to know and accept the General Conditions in full, and to have the capacity to make a free and voluntary purchase order.


The Purchase Orders will be sent electronically to MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., through the website with the use of the technical means arranged for this purpose on its website, duly filling in the blanks and the data requested mandatory. MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., reserves the right of acceptance of the order.
Once MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., receives the Purchase Order, it will send a confirmation of the contract of sale made to the email address indicated in the Purchase Order by the Customer.
For the purposes of these General Conditions it is understood that the Customer places the order on the date on which he pays the price in any of the ways provided. In this regard, in case of payment by transfer is understood to have been paid on the date that MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., receives the amount of the price in its bank account.

The invoice will be delivered electronically to the mail indicated by the customer.

For orders of more than 12 units please refer to special conditions.

Geographical scope

The purchase of Products on the website is established for the geographical scope comprising the entire Spanish territory.


The prices on the website are valid except for typographical error outside our will.

Payment method

The price of the products will be paid exclusively by any of the following means at the customer’s choice:

– With card:

The credit card payment service will be directly provided by the issuing entity and, where applicable, the corresponding credit institution. Oleana is excluded from all liability in relation to the confidentiality and security of the information and data provided by the Customer in order to pay for his electronic purchases by credit card, to the extent that the processing of such information and data is not exclusively under Oleana’s control.

– By transfer or account deposit:

Payment by transfer must be made to Oleana in the La Caixa IBAN account: ES25 – 2100 – 1857 – 54 – 0200166660 ** BIC – SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX. Remember that it is essential that in the transfer or deposit into account you record the order number that will be provided to you in the confirmation of your order that we send you.

The price offered in the Store includes Value Added Tax (VAT).

Shipping expenses

MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will inform the Customer of the final price of his purchase, including the costs of transportation.


Once the payment has been verified, the delivery time will be 15 – 20 working days under normal circumstances.

In any case, the customer will be informed of the delivery time.

MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will not be responsible if the delivery of Products is not carried out in a timely force majeure or fortuitous case.

Risk transmission

The delivery will be made by making available the Product by a third party on behalf of Nacex at the address within the Geographical Scope indicated by the Customer in the Purchase Order. The Customer assumes the risks of deterioration, impairment, damage and loss of the Products from the time the Products have been made available to them under this clause.
In the event that the Products are damaged due to transport, the Customer must indicate the anomalies on the carrier’s packing slip. In this case, MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will repair or replace the defective Products as soon as possible. The Customer’s lack of feedback at the time of delivery is equivalent to its full conformity with the Products received.
The Customer should never throw away the packaging of the products until checking that they are in perfect condition and verifying that all the Products match the ones ordered.

Responsibility for delivery

MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will be released from compliance with its delivery obligations provided for in the clause of these General Conditions and declines all responsibility in this regard in the following cases:
(i) Total or partial non-payment by the Customer of the Purchase Order.
(ii) Omission or inaccuracy of the information to be provided by the Customer in the Purchase Order at the time of placing the order.
(iii) Impossibility of delivery of the order at the indicated place due to lack of adequate access or any other cause attributable to the Customer.
In the event that the Products that make up your order are not delivered for lack of proper access or any other cause attributable to the Customer, the Products will be stored in Nacex’s facilities, with a storage cost that will vary depending on the days and volume of Products. Shipping to the warehouse and those after the place of delivery will be borne by the Customer.

Product conditions

The Customer agrees that the colors and shades of the Products listed in the Store may have slight variations from those received in the order, especially in the case of solid furniture or veneer of natural raw materials, leather, stones, if they come from different suppliers or if orders are not placed at the same time. In addition, the monitor or other device from which the Products are displayed may show different variations in tone and color from the Product.
The Customer declares to know the measures, forms and arrangement of the Products that make up his order in accordance with the specifications expressed in the Store.

Product warranty

11.1-General Warranty

In general, unless expressly provided in other terms, all Products are warranted for manufacturing defects for a period of two years under Law.
To demand the guarantee, the presentation of the invoice for the purchase, which will be available in the Store, is required within the user account section.
The warranty does not cover travel, or defects caused by bumps, scratches, misuse or normal wear and tear of materials.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has 8 days for any return, at the customer’s expense the return costs. Returns will not be accepted if the product is not in perfect condition and with the original packaging.

Upon receipt of the product and in case of non-conformity (product other than the one requested or in bad condition) you must inform the carrier in writing and reject the goods. Proceeding to replace the product at no cost to the customer.

When for reasons beyond our transport, Error in facilitating the address, absent, etc… shipping costs will be billed again.

Refund in case of withdrawal

MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will refund the Customer the amount initially satisfied by the Customer, once deducted the direct return costs that will be the Customer’s account (rejecting the returns due), as a price of the Product in a maximum period of 1 day after receipt of the Product by MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., provided that the Product was received by MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., under the conditions set out in the previous section.
In the event that the returned Products have any damage, the Customer must indemnify MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., the amount corresponding to such damages, deducting MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., said amount of which he/she will reimburse the Customer as consequence of withdrawal.
The refund will take place by the means of payment by which the Customer has made the same

Withdrawal form

To exercise the right of withdrawal the customer must send to the e-mail of [email protected] the following withdrawal form.

To the attention of the Department. Sales
I hereby communicate that I give up my contract of sale of the following good
Order Number:
Date and signature

Processing of personal data

The Customer authorizes MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., to process in an automated manner the data provided by the Customer in the Purchase Order. MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., will automatically process Personal Data for uses and for purposes as well as under the conditions defined in its Data Protection Policy.
By completing and sending the corresponding Purchase Order, the Customer agrees that his Personal Data will be subject to automated processing by MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., in the terms indicated in the Personal Data Protection Policy of MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L.,.

Acceptance of the general conditions implies the compliance and acceptance of data protection law.


All communication between the Customer and MUEBLES OLEANA, S.L., relating to a particular order, to be valid and binding, will be made at the electronic address [email protected] of Oleana and in which the Customer indicates in his Purchase Order.